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General Terms and Conditions of providing the GoAudit services by GoUP, s r.o.

General provisions

The operator of the GoAudit service, GoUP, s r.o., with registered office on Kominárska 5, 831 04 Bratislava (the “Operator”), ensures the operation of the system designed to evaluate the profitability in relation to costs, and to evaluate the errors that increase the direct monetary operating costs (the “Performance”) of existing Google Ads campaigns (“GoAudit”) under the terms and conditions set forth in these General Terms and Conditions.

Service characteristics

GoAudit is an automated, online system that evaluates parameters from the Google Ads account of a logged-in user in real time. The data obtained is processed and immediately displayed to the user in the form of graphical output on the screen. At the same time, it creates a temporary link with an encoded URL for viewing the GoAudit results. GoAudit evaluates basic features such as cost-per-click, cost-per-conversion, etc., and based on the evaluation determines conclusions that should help the user improve the performance of Google Ads campaigns.

GoAudit evaluates only those parameters of the Google Ads account, which, according to the Operator, directly affect the account Performance.

Price of the GoAudit service

The GoAudit service is free of charge. The Operator does not charge any fees for using the service.

Collection and protection of your data

The connection to the Google Ads account takes place via a verified Google login system (API) that is not accessible by the Operator. Thus, the Operator does not come into contact with the user’s login data, nor with the user’s e-mail address or password. In this process, the user approves the MCC (My Client Center)-type access of GoAudit (api@goup.sk) to the user's account that can be denied at any time. The user is informed of the access to the account via an e-mail from Google, including information on how to cancel the access.

The GoAudit system also collects data from the Google Ads system for evaluation purposes; such data may include, but is not limited to:

All data collected from the Google Ads account is subject to the protection of business information by the Operator. The Operator undertakes to protect all user data against third parties and to anonymise all received information 7 days after the last audit. Anonymisation means the cancellation of any access to a specific audit. The Operator has the right to use the acquired data for anonymous statistics of its system only in such a form, so that it is not possible to retrospectively identify the user to whom the data belongs.

Consent to processing of personal data for marketing purposes

The user (user of the GoAudit service), by ticking the “I agree to the terms of service” field, grants the Operator’s company in accordance with Section 11 of Act No. 122/2013 Z. z. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts (the “Personal Data Protection Act”) consent to the processing of personal data for the marketing purposes of the Operator, namely: sending offers of goods, services, newsletters, and information about articles, benefits, and discounts, including individually targeted newsletters with offers by e-mail.

The GoAudit system permanently collects the following personal data of the user:

The Operator undertakes to protect the user’s personal data against third parties and not to allow third parties access to the user’s personal data.


The GoAudit system and its Operator are not responsible for any damages caused by the operation of the system or the application of its results.