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GoAudit has been created by GoUP, a Google Premier Partner. Because our aim is to maximise your profits, we have created an online audit system with the same philosophy.

Its purpose is not to point to deficiencies in your Ads (Adwords) account settings (you can view them yourself in your account on the Opportunities tab) – we want you to see if your Ads account has good results, or if you could earn more with your search engine campaigns. So it’s about profit.

You have questions. GoAudit has answers

Are you wasting budget on non-converting keywords?
Are you paying too much for clicks because of a low quality score?
Aren’t you targeting people who will never become customers?
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How does the Google Ads performance audit works?

Our automated system audit will require access to your Ads account. The verification, as well as all communication, takes place via the Google Ads API, which will prompt you to allow access to your account. Your password will not be displayed, and we will never get access to it.

The audit processes the results of your campaigns, and determines your account status using algorithms that are the result of our 9 years of experience. Ideally, you should measure conversions longer than 3 months – then the audit will also calculate your room for improvement.

The results are displayed and can be analysed. A unique link is generated for the audit, which remains active for 7 days from the audit, and you can come back to it or send it to your colleague.

Is GoAudit safe?

Signing in to the Google Ads account takes place via the verified Google API, in which you approve the necessary level of connection to your account. At this step, you have the opportunity to study what you actually consent to. In addition, you are notified by Google of your consent to the connection, and you can cancel it at any time in your account settings. All data collected from Google Ads is anonymised after 7 days, and is no longer accessible.

Is GoAudit reliable?

The data displayed in the audit is 100% reliable, but its conclusions are based on the average Google Ads account values in the SMB sector set to measure conversion. The audit is just a robot and doesn’t know what your campaign goals are, what you’re testing, or what is working for you even without measurement.
Therefore, you must rely primarily on your campaign manager. The audit builds on the experience of GoUP, a Google Premier Partner, with thousands of campaigns set up to get as many orders, i.e. conversions, as possible. It therefore serves as a quick overview of the status and the room for improvement, especially if you don’t have anybody to consult your Google Ads campaign with.